Top Gambling Destinations in Central America

Over the years, there has been a growth in the number of countries offering casino games. Nowadays, you can find gambling options outside of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Gambling in Central America has become an exciting alternative as they have seven countries with betting facilities and providing people with some of the best games like slots or video poker as well as horse and dog racing.

In Central America, most of the top gambling destinations are found in Costa Rica. It has 40 casinos and more than a thousand slot machines.

The Casino Majestic, situated in Panama City, Panama, is the biggest casino in the region. It has 36 table games and 978 slot or video poker machines.

It is worth noting that both legal and illegal casinos thrive in Central America. The gambling industry is responsible for providing fun and income to the people.

The top gambling destinations in Central America are found in the countries of Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador. Together with South America, there are more than 286 casinos and the casino business in growing in these two regions. Poker is a very popular game played in most regions of Central America.

Panama's Veneto Hotel & Casino, which was inaugurated in November of 2005, Hotel & Casino, is set to become one of the favorite gambling hotspots in the world.

Costa Rica and Panama are the top gambling destinations in Central America, as they comprise the most number of visitors with 30 and 34 casinos, respectively. Panama City is home to majority of casinos in Panama. Casino cruises in the adjacent islands is a popular venue that lures the affluent people of the world.

Poker is not just a popular casino game in Central America. It likewise serves as host to expositions and conferences. Costa Rica played host to a Poker Industry Conference and Exposition in December of 2005. It tackled important poker issues such as the business, technology, marketing, and management. Tournaments pitted some of the best poker minds ranging from poker executives to veteran players.

Pari-mutuel betting is a growing business but it is not well-known in Central America. The only pari-mutuel betting center found in Panama City is the Hipódromo Presidente Remon. However, other betting events such as bicycle, motorcycle, and boat racing are very prominent in the region and statistics show that it would become more popular.

Gambling in Central America can be as exciting as the betting found in the casinos of Las Vegas.

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